Brand Management

We believe advertisement is a universal dialogue in which words play a central role. Resorting to the storytelling flair of our ancestral means of communication, we reach our vast collective knowledge to allow for a productive dialog to emerge between our clients and their customers. We tell the tale of one person: the customer.


We take advantage of the latest technology available in our market, in terms of planning software, enabling us to find the most appropriate media platform to advertise our client’s brand/product.


Good ideas are just ideas until they are put into print. This is why we put a lot of effort into finding the best option possible for our printing project. Any print work, whether it’s procurement, quality check, packaging or installation is carried out taking into consideration the client’s specifications as well as availability in terms of materials in the local market and delivery time. We work closely with local producers to find innovative solutions for our client’s ideas and needs.


We aim to uncover the truth underneath the layers of our conscious minds to achieve results that are both functional and able to communicate the intended message. We strive to make it happen with a talented group of individuals, dedicated to the unwavering desire to create beautifully crafted design solutions for our consumers. The trophies for the Social Housing Awards, Kubikuz 2015, are a good example, a result of a partnership with Atelier Mulemba.

Whenever faced with a challenge to communicate an idea or product, we instinctively try to understand the inner workings of the decision-making process of groups we want to communicate with. This is our cornerstone, and from here, we try to look for context insights that confirm a particular mentality. You cannot have a good strategy if you do not know the people and how they live.

Foto:We developed a presentation strategy for the Ministry of Fishery to help attract foreign investment for the industry.



Media and Public Relations

The ability to craft relevant content that generates public interest is crucial to guarantee that the message is effective in influencing the public’s perception and inciting a specific action in relation to the initial goals. Our content managers and editors are well connected and immersed in our popular culture circles and dedicate a great portion of their time to understanding people’s relationship with brands. The result is a consistent flow of relevant and engaging content. View

In our view, when dealing with a potentially damaging situation, creating a response group is critical. If the right information is expected to reach the right people at the right time, we must have a clear decision-making structure, to ensure a quick and accurate response is delivered to the relevant channels, limiting the, sometimes unavoidable, dissemination of false or inaccurate information, AKA: Fake News.

Press briefs and other public events that generate widespread media attention are a great opportunity to build relationships and get a message across. It enables a brand to tap into the editorial priorities of any given media outlet available in the market and develop the right approach for each public action. To attain maximum return we dedicate a lot of time trying to figure out the best moment, place and way to express what you want to say. It is our belief that the messenger is crucial to instill a sense of the need to act, so we always emphasize the need for a good communicator.

As we already said, relationships are a very important part of our work and when it comes to building a reputation or stressing a specific public issue, having a solid base of contacts and partners makes all the difference. Developing relationships is hard work and, most importantly, building trust takes time, but brands sometimes do not dedicate enough time to build the right relationships. We help our client overcome these obstacles.

For the past ten years, our agency has been able to develop specific capabilities that result in higher media returns. Like helping our clients identify and train a person or a group of people, who can later advocate a specific public interest cause. We understand the role they play in influencing public policy and public opinion and our strategy is deeply rooted in that cognitive framework.

Our team of writers, editors, content managers, designers and print experts have the market experience and expertise to conduct and design focused editorial projects, delivering a high-quality service in terms of visual appeal, deadlines and print finish. The challenges we faced over the years helped us understand the need for streamlined content in terms of relevance, layout clarity and graphic aesthetics in order to deliver satisfying work that adds value to any brand.

Event Management

Our goal is to represent a concept of human interdependence, where the ability to share ideas and the acknowledgement of what we can learn from each other is the primary source of what we can accomplish together.

Launching of architecture Awards KUBIKUZ, February 2015

Our main goal is to communicate with the consumer in a given space, showing how a certain brand can make life better. We strive to offer an experience that is stimulating enough to strengthen a bond or create a new one. Pictures show the Angolan stand at the World Urban Forum 2014 and the Lunda Norte Exhibition at the Angocities 2013.

Years of market experience gave us the knowledge and ability to help our clients develop fruitful relations with key players. From business guides and professional presentations to strategic content development, we help our clients connect with stakeholders using branding tools and the ability to identify and activate the right ways to engage with partners, potential clients, and business prospects.Networking

The Angolan government’s drive to boost the fishing sector gave us the opportunity to develop a Business Guide for Angolan entrepreneurs who took part in the Dubai Roadshow. The aim was to showcase the country’s potential in terms of fishing resources and investment opportunities, so we developed a booklet containing relevant and up-to-date information about the current state of the sector in Angola. Bussines Opportunities